Friday, November 13, 2009

France Friday!

We spoke about all things Paris in the previous France Fridays, today we are going to start the next leg of our trip which is a train ride to the south of France......Nice and Monaco! I've always wanted to go especially since {my BFF in my head} Beyonce goes all the time. The south of France is just so breathtaking. Take a look at these marvelous photos:

Since I began researching, I've read many recommendations about how to get to Nice. Some people say fly because it is quick and less expensive. Some say take the 6hr train ride because the scenery is just so beautiful. A flight from Paris to Nice would cost us around $90 one-way each. That's not bad! For the train ride, its a little more complicated. Some say stay away from EuroRail because its so expensive. A train ride from Paris to Nice can easily cost Euro 150 ($210) each {Ouch!}. It gets pretty confusing for me because there are sooooo many rail road companies to choose from. We will eventually be traveling from Nice to Italy {which will definitely be discussed in future France Fridays}, so some say to get a rail pass. Has anyone traveled by train in Europe before? Any advice or help I would REALLY appreciate!


  1. Considering the various places that you will be traveling, have you considered purchasing an open-jaw ticket? This is what I did when I traveled for 3 weeks to Italy. You fly into one city and out of another to get back home {so you don't have to backtrack and fly out of the same airport that you flew into}.

    I've done some extensive traveling through Europe - the Eurorail is AWESOME!! Depending on how far you are traveling on it will determine your cost. Also, if you want to ride first class {there's no real difference between first class and second class so skip the urge to upgrade to first and save $$$}. I wouldn't urge you to get a rail pass unless you'll be traveling on the train a lot, going to and from various outside cities that are not on your main agenda.

    I've never boarded a train that didn't come ON TIME so be concious to arrive at the platforms early...they don't wait!

    Here's a great article for you to read {about flying versus riding the rails} written by the well traveled man Rick Steve's:

    Also, search and hop on the message boards at {these travelers, who spend at least a month or more traveling in Europe offer great itenerary suggestions, advice, and many recommendations}.

    Hope all this info helps!!

  2. Stop by and pick up your award and this time blog about it boo !

  3. Hey Jia!! Your email {that you sent me weeks ago} slipped through the cracks; I just saw it!! You're welcome for my feedback : ) I'll keep checking in on your blog to see how your France Friday postings are coming along and if I can offer any more advice I def. will : ) Hope you had a nice Thanksgiving!!