Friday, September 4, 2009

France Friday!

Don't worry lovely ladies! I haven't forgotten about the rest of the bridal shower pictures, but I couldn't miss my France Friday! As you've previously read, every Friday we chat about our anniversary trip. We are still on the first leg of our trip which is Paris, France. This week lets chat about one of my favorite things to do......EATING!

I stumbled upon this link that lists Paris' top 10 budget friendly eateries. This will be a long vacation for us, so we need to stretch the dollar as far as we can. Anyone have any recommendations?

:::switching gears:::

Have you ever heard of a pro-creation vacation? Yeah me either until I saw this blog.

{Disclaimer: I'm not TTC nor is this trip a pro-creation vacation}

I just think its funny that people will come up with all types of names of a!

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